The Clowney Man Cometh

Oh, Lordy, Lordy, here we go.  The you-can’t-lick-our-cocks University of South Carolina Gamecocks haven’t played the first down of the 2013-14 season and there’s already an uproar regarding smack talk from Super Star Jadeveon Clowney about his perception of opposing quarterbacks and what he sees in their eyes peering from behind those expensive helmets.  And nope, he’s not talking eye colors, either.  He’s talking their fear of The Clowney Man.

And what does the Old Bald Coach Steve Spurrier have to say about this kind of brash bragging on the part of one of his players?

“…We’re not all like Marcus Lattimore… he never said a bad word about anybody…the problem is when you have a loud-mouth guy that doesn’t play worth a crap…”


The Old Bald Coach

Evidently he feels like Jadeveon plays worth a crap.

Get me outta here Percy…only 23 days until Kickoff and Oh Woe will be The Red Man and his Cocks if JC doesn’t play worth a crap…