The old woman Slow with Pretty

Well, well, well.  My two favorite lesbians got all gussied up for a Gala which I guess should be spelled Gay-la.

They were celebrating the 20th Anniversary of some subversive  group called the South Carolina Gay and Lesbian Business Guild which they helped to get started and have remained active in for two decades.  Of all the political activist opportunities in the world, these two radicals chose a Business Guild to devote their lives to.  Boring.   Super boring.  Ever hear of a Business Guild that had a Parade??  My point exactly.

Oh, well. To each her own.  The Red Man sends out Paw Snaps and Twirls to ANY group that survives for 20 years…they must be doing something right.  Longevity = success.

Get me outta here Percy.  Think I’ll try to find my Will and Grace dvds and watch an episode or two in honor of the gays today.