Is it just me – or has Monday night taken a definite turn for the worse in the last year?  I’ve tried.  God knows I’ve tried to like Major Crimes and have watched it faithfully in an attempt to not hold a grudge against the guys who “transitioned” over from The Closer but I miss Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and her suspect methods of questioning suspects.  I miss her, dammit to hell.

Brenda Leigh Johnson is Back - July, 2012

And why did she leave in such a huff??  She was only at the LAPD for seven seasons and it’s common knowledge that’s not long enough to collect a pension.  Take a page out of  Detective Olivia Benson’s script, if you don’t mind.   Working for New York’s Special Victims Unit for fourteen seasons and never even getting promoted, but does she quit?  Absolutely not.  In good health and bad – collapsed lung and all- she keeps at it.

With sincere apologies to Lieutenants Provenza, Flynn, and Tao, Detective Sanchez, Assistant Chief Taylor, Captain Raydor and Buzz with no title but always with a camera, The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to you all for giving it the old college try.  I WANT To LIKE You, but…I miss the fireworks that was Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson.  I swear the woman sizzled when she walked into the interrogation room to interview the Bad Guys.  She was so HOT she was smoking which reminds me of one of my favorite lines in The Closer.

Do you smoke after sex?  a Bad Guy asked Brenda Leigh in one episode.  I don’t know, she said.  I never looked.

There you have it.  I rest my case.

Well Sports Fans, it’s the weekend and time to do some serious howling in preparation for the US Open Tennis in New York that starts Monday and Gamecock Football which starts next Thursday night right here in good old Columbia, South Carolina at Williams Brice Stadium.

The Red Man and his cyberspace friends and faithful followers have just embarked on their 4th Season together and we’ve lived to tell about it.  Get me outta here Percy…I may run out of rants and raves some day – but it wasn’t today.  If you happen to stop by the Mast General Store, say hello to Pretty.