Well Sports Fans, the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on.  So says Kahlil Gibran a/k/a The Prophet and The Red Man says Kahlil must have been a Gamecock Fan.  The Fickle Finger of Football Fate wrote Disaster with a Capital D this afternoon when the Dawgs topped the Cocks to the tune of 41 – 30.  Bummer.


The Red Man’s personal hero Jadeveon Clowney before the game


Jadeveon Clowney during the game

Sigh.  It appears our worst football fears have come true, and Clowney is a Dead Man Walking.  Easy for you to say Red Man.  I know, I know.  I’m here in the relative calm of my living room cheap seat and not being triple-teamed every time I turn around and by the way where are my teammates when three guys are all over me and I go flying through the air with only one sack to my credit this year?  Hey, but the year is early and who knows what I might do yet but I already have a sore foot so I’d appreciate a little help from my friends.

And since The Red Man is in a quoting mood tonight, I’ll go ahead and quote what I think is an appropriate scripture for the entire Gamecock team after the Georgia game:  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Give credit where credit is due, though, and the Dawgs played great.  So there.


Uga, the Georgia mascot, immortalized in stone in Athens, Georgia


Spike, our Worsham Street Warrior, finds football makes him anxious

Spike gets particularly nervous when the Gamecock coaches appear to disagree on game strategies during the game.  Hey guys, here’s an idea.  Let’s work that out in advance next time and whoever called the spread formation on fourth down and a yard to go in the fourth quarter needs to be boxed behind the ears and his mouth washed out with soap.  Seriously.

As if we haven’t been footballed out already today, the crazy old woman Slow is watching her Texas Longhorns get beat by the Mormons at BYU right this minute tonight.  I can’t take any more.  Get me outta here Percy – I need to switch mental gears for the Women’s Final at the US Open tomorrow.  All bets are off on this one…