Oh, for God’s sake.  Today has been a very STRANGE day on Worsham Street.  The old woman Slow and one of the Little Women of Worsham got started early this morning with a scenario worthy of YouTube.  Unfortunately, no one around here is capable of filming.

Louisiana Welcome Center - Trip for Sage

Bienvenide to Louisiana thank you very much

Apparently the Little Woman was supposed to drive her foster chocolate lab Sage to Lafayette, Louisiana today to meet someone taking the dog to a forever home, and the LW woke up throwing up and after much texting back and forth and serious misgivings about this Plan B on the part of the LW but she was desperate, the next thing I knew Slow  jumped in the old Dodge Dakota and took off with the chocolate lab.  That’s the last Spike and I saw of her until very late this afternoon.  Dog was Gone so I assumed Mission Accomplished.  I heard her tell Pretty tonight that it was 232 miles one way.  Geez Louise.

And all we got out of this Laurel and Hardy movie was a picture of the Louisiana Welcome Center grounds?  Whatever.

It’s Friday night – it’s the weekend – the Gamecocks are playing an obscure team from Florida tomorrow which is always a potential recipe for disaster.  The ‘Horns have a bye week so that’s a relief.

Meanwhile, back in Columbia, it’s Gay Pride Weekend complete with a big March downtown from somewhere to the State Capitol and then lots of festivities which are always fun for one and all.  Slow hates to miss a good March, but Pretty will be there waving our family flag with gusto.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Pride we go!!  Heh, heh.  My little poem for the night.


Rainbow Flags have flown on Main Street

for the entire month of September!

Paw Snaps and Twirls to the City of Columbia!!

Get me outta here Percy, The Red Man is feeling entirely too good tonight – a dog gets closer to a forever home and the Gays get ready to party in Columbia.  Life is good.