Well Amigos, we’ve said goodbye to Worsham Street once again as Pretty flew down to drive us home to South Carolina and Casa de Canterbury this week.  But not before we made a few stops along the way.


Poor Guy at Prairie Wood Crafting

Yep, Pretty spied a wood table at this roadside improv antique dealer in Sour Lake, Texas and bought it on the condition we could drive it back to South Carolina.  Well, you should have seen Mr. Table Maker unloading and shifting and re-arranging our Joad-like pickup truck belongings so he could get the table in the Dodge Dakota.  He was trying to get his uncle to come across the road and help him, but the uncle took one look at the mess and went back inside his mobile home and Pretty had to help Mr. Table Maker herself.


Pretty walked The Red Man and Spike


Mr. Table Maker wishing we had never stopped


Next Stop

Ponchatoula, LucyAnna – the Strawberry Capital of the World

Who knew?

We finally made it out of Texas with the table standing tall in the bed of the truck and crossed the Sabine River to get to the next state on our southern route: LucyAnna.  Spent the night in Baton Rouge and then made our first stop of Day Two of the thousand-mile ride to Casa de Canterbury.


The old woman Slow at G.K. Chesterton Square

What’s that you say?  G.K. Chesterton Square in Ponchatoula, La.  Absurd.  Ridiculous. But, there it was big as it could be and as to why it’s there, well I’ll leave it to my LucyAnna cyberspace Sports Fans to fill us Texas folk in on that one.


Of course Slow and Pretty with their literary selves oohed and aahed over Chesterton Square, but frankly I could take it or leave it.  Which we did and moved on to our next stop in Slidell, La.


Street scene in Slidell

Leave it to Slow to be snapping pictures right and left everywhere we went.  Honest to God, she really makes me nervous and I can’t figure out how to get her to stop.  Pretty can’t pass up an antique shop and Slow can’t quit taking pictures.  They’re a couple of hopeless lesbians on the loose in a pickup truck with moi and Spike at their mercy.   Shit house mouse.

We spent the night in Birmingham, Alibaba and I figured we would get up from our super nice king-size bed at the La Quinta and hightail it to South Carolina.  Wrong, Red Man.


Sixteenth Street Baptist Church…

historic scene of bombing during Civil Rights Era

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is directly across the street  from this church and Pretty and Slow visited the museum while Spike and I waited patiently in the Dodge Dakota in the shade with windows down far enough to get a breeze.  I actually took a nap while Spike stood guard.  Save your strength, Dude, I said to him but he acted like I wasn’t talking to him.  Whatever.

Finally Pretty and Slow decided to really make tracks for Casa de Canterbury in earnest and we made it home before dark which keeps getting earlier and earlier.  Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea was glad to see all of us – particularly Spike – and we were all happy to get out of the cab of the pickup truck a thousand miles after we left Texas.


We’ll miss the Little Women of Worsham Street and the Huss Brothers and Countless Cousins and all of our Amigos in Texas but all I can say is …

Get me outta here Percy…I need to pee on a dogwood tree in our back yard  to let everyone know The Red Man is back.