Well Amigos, The Red Man and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea  were  out for a morning constitutional at the Rosewood Field and Woods today with the old woman Slow tagging along behind us as usual.  Geez Louise.  Could the daffy old twit be any slower??

At any rate, we had the good fortune to run into another pair of Big Dogs that were out with a nice Peep Couple who understood the meaning of Brisk Walk…so I decided to ditch the old woman Slow and run off with the Fun Pack.  Of course, TBO Chelsea followed moi as she is prone to do so we left Slow huffing and puffing somewhere along the trail behind us.

Red in Rosewood

I could hear Slow hollering for me to come back –

and could seriously care less

Red in Field

TBO Chelsea caught up with me and my new buddies

Red in Rosewood Field

My new best Peep friends

keeping a safe distance, I might add

As you know Sports Fans, The Red Man never meets a stranger and the woods make strange PathPeeps so we had a great adventure and left Slow in the dust.  TBO Chelsea and I were actually waiting for her at the old Dodge Dakota pickup truck when she finally finished her hike.  God help her if there’s ever a fire.

Get me outta here Percy…it’s late and time for my Pretty Pets before we all nod off…a gracious Good Night to all.