The Red Man is overcome with shame by the nocturnal activities of the old woman Slow and Pretty last night.  Sweet Lady Gaga – not THOSE activities – I wish.  No, I’m afraid to say that once again, the two were singing at the top of their lungs at midnight when Spike and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and moi were just trying to catch a few zzzz’s with them in the king-sized bed before Football Saturday.

We can kinda cut Slow a break since she had a couple of Bourbons out at Uncle Dick and Uncle Curtis’s farm earlier in the evening when the lesbians visited the gays for dinner which is always much more successful than the other way around.  The gays cook great meals and have plenty of adult beverages for imbibers of which Pretty is not one so Slow tries to make up for her.

So Pretty really has no excuse for her Midnight Music Mania.

Eat your heart out, Sammy Hagar.  These two Could give you a run for your money with your Fire Fighting Song, but as usual – they can’t remember any words to any song so all we heard was:

My Baby’s on Fire-yahhhhhh!  She’s on Fire-yahhhhhh!!    followed by hysterical laughing and asking each other what the next words were followed by the repeat of My Baby’s on Fire-yahhhhhh!!

They couldn’t even come up with She takes me high-errrrr or Let it burn.  Pathetic.

And what started this bawdy behavior…

Simply put – one word.  Minnowpaws.   Who knew fish had paws?

Get me outta here Percy – the Cocks are about to kick off and I’m missing College Game Day.  Catch ya later Sports Fans.