South Carolina Gamecocks had NEVER beaten

In-state archrivals Clemson Tigers five years in a row…

Fear the Thumb - Sheila

…so the old woman Slow was sipping a COCK-tail pre-game

and feeling frisky and hoping to capture Win Number Five last night


The Red Man can’t look at her.  Geez Louise. When will it end?


Clemson Coach can’t watch, either.


The Old Ball Coach Spurrier likes to watch

as the Gamecocks beat the Tigers 34 to 17 for Fifth Straight Win!

Well Sports Fans, quite a night at Casa de Canterbury as Pretty and Slow coughed and wheezed and thoroughly entertained themselves by watching the final regular season football game from the best bleacher seats ESPN could provide.  Neither one of them has been worth a damn for the past two weeks since they’ve been sick with their Epizootey Epidemic so I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge them a little bit of fun.  Honestly, nothing separates a couple of lesbians from their football – not even the Epizootey – but they do work The Red Man’s last nerve with all that hollering and cussing the officials, camera flashes, blah, blah, blah.


Senior QB Connor Shaw MVP – he ran, he passed, he executed

QB with most wins in school history – never lost a game at home in 3 seasons

The Red Man’s personal favorite Jadeveon Clowney had a Big Night, too and made his final appearance at Williams Brice Stadium in front of 80,000+ fans a night the Tiger QB won’t soon forget.


The Clowney Man Cometh

Football is an American team sport played with eleven men on offense and eleven men on defense and eleven men on special teams plus a whole bunch of back-up guys who keep running on and off the field from the bench plus an army of coaches and trainers and a gazillion wild and crazy Fanatics who support their favorite teams every week at various levels – all focused on seeing which group of guys can get an oblong pigskin from one end of a field to the other without being intercepted or fumbling.  At least, that’s how The Red Man sees it.


Coach Spurrier is all smiles as the Gamecocks end their regular season at 10 – 2

and continue Home Wins record-breaking Streak at No 17

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Connor Shaw and Jadeveon Clowney and salutes the entire Gamecock football team for a great season, but he has to give credit where credit is due – and the MVP for the year goes to the Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier who knows football… but doesn’t know fear.

Get me outta here Percy…I swear the daffy old twit is about to watch this game again…Fear the Recording…