Well Amigos, The Red Man is mulling over the High Price of Celebrity today.  Ho, Ho, Ho and a bottle of rum – not his own Celebrity or Notoriety as the case may be – but OTHER famous dogs.  For example, take Lupo.

Lupo is the black working cocker spaniel that belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or as the world lovingly calls them, Will and Kate.  Poor Lupo. He can’t even go for a walk with Kate and Baby King-to-be George in Kensington Gardens without a posse of photographers plaguing them.  A pox upon them, The Red Man says.  May all their batteries go dead at once. Ha.

Back on this side of The Pond, take a look at the White House Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo and Sunny.  Poor Sunny.  Yesterday she knocked down a two-year-old little girl visitor to The First Lady’s holiday party at the White House.  The little girl was fine, but Sunny was reported to be in the First Dog House.  And of course, pictures of the incident are everywhere.  Someone has probably even made a YouTube video of it.

Shit house mouse.  Fame and good fortune evidently don’t go hand in hand.  Walks are spoiled.  Tiny flaws are captured and put on display for the whole world to see.

Don’t misunderestimate me.  The Red Man has his own share of glory, but the only price he pays is the occasional flash and click from the old woman Slow’s camera and she’s easy to outrun if she annoys me too much.

Gone are the days of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie and Bullet when all you had to do was show up to make a movie.  None of this 24/7 “dogging” stuff that goes on today.  Wonder if they knew how good they had it?

Get me outta here, Percy.  I need to check the mail to see if my invitation came for one of Ellen’s Twelve Days of Christmas.  Now that’s some Fame I wouldn’t mind…