Well Amigos, you might as well face it.  The Holidays are here and people of Good Cheer are running rampant in the towns and cities around the world chasing their dreams of Merry Ho Ho which is two weeks from today.  That’s right.  I said two weeks from today Christmas will be upon us.

The Red Man recognizes a sure Sign of the Season at Casa de Canterbury.


The old woman Slow and Pretty are moving in low gear this year so I’m not hopeful for anything major  – like a Christmas tree for example.  But I’ll give Slow credit for always making sure there’s a red poinsettia at Casa de Canterbury for the holidays.  And she bumbled around yesterday and got the lights up on the outside tree we have as our addition to the neighborhood association outdoor decorations directions.  We party.

Looks like we’ll miss the elaborate Worsham Street outdoor lighting this year.  Bummer.  The Little Women of Worsham make the place light up like Disneyland, and it’s great to be able to see what I’m barking at when I run up and down the fence at night.

We’ll also miss the annual Christmas Cookie Walk at the old Community Building in Montgomery this weekend.  Now that’s a major loss.  So many cookies…so little time.

So Sports Fans, you win some. You lose some.  That’s why they play the game.  I’m calling it a Holiday Night and dashing to the king-sized bed to make sure I keep the pillow.  Catch you later…get busy on those gift lists…time is ticking away…


The Red Man occupies the Premier Place