Well Amigos, what did I tell you?  Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton and Christmas has come and gone at Casa de Canterbury.  Thank God.  We had a big hullabaloo and Throw Down on the 25th. and The Red Man had to try to be cheerful with all those people running around and chasing their own tails while they upset my routine.


Too many cooks – plus Sadie the Grand Dog

was in the house.  Pretty loves Sadie.

Pretty made shrimp and grits for supper and her Brother-in-Law made biscuits from scratch.  I myself would’ve preferred turkey, but who’s barking.


Where’s the turkey??


Packages under the Pretend Christmas Tree

So Pretty and the old woman Slow are worthless when it comes to Christmas Trees and every year they plug in a red vase with lit-up brown sticks and call it a tree.  Sweet Jesus.  Have they no shame…


Number One Son who is adored by Pretty


Pretty Two who is adored by Number One Son

So after supper the Family sat around and opened gifts that Pretty passed  out from under the Pretend Christmas Tree.  They opened the presents by age from youngest to oldest, and it was lucky for Slow that Pretty’s Daddy was there or she would’ve been the last one to open hers.  I wonder who chose the TV program for the evening.  Hmmm…


Well Sports Fans, they partied on until the wee hour of 9 o’clock and polished off the evening with home movies from the 90s.  Ho hum.  Be still, my heart.  As for The Red Man, I left it with the Big Dogs and retired to my room upstairs.  It was all a little too Merry for me.  I hate Merry.


Get me outta here Percy…I need to work on my New Year’s Resolutions…