Well Amigos my new best friend James is gone and the lesbians have returned.  They dragged in yesterday afternoon and barely managed to bring a few suitcases in from the car before climbing in our king-sized bed and doing guess what.  Guessed wrong.

They started watching the Bowl Game AGAIN that the nice guy James had recorded for them.  Sweet Lady Gaga.  These two are hopeless.  They were so tired they nodded off in the third quarter and I managed to sneak a look at some of their pictures from the trip.


MickAhNoPee, Florida – Hmmm


New Year’s Eve at Universal Park?

Check out the blinking hair


The old woman Slow and Pretty

Well, at least the lesbians had the good common sense not to put blinking lights in their hair for New Year’s Eve.  The Hard Rock Cafe was the place to be for Christmas trees…


…and guitars in fountains


Team banners hang outside Citrus Bowl stadium

Looks like they really did go to the Bowl Game after all – Gamecocks against Wisconsin.  Slow and Pretty were probably in football heaven.  They are easily entertained, if you catch my drift.  New Year’s Day Bowl Games are such a Big Deal in our family.  We watched with James from the best seats at Casa de Canterbury.


And the Band played on evidently


Gamecock Fans aren’t born that way, but

they start very early


Cocks Rocked…


…and rolled over the Badgers


All the Cocks rejoiced


As for Pretty and Slow, well…

Looks like they had a fun time without the Three Musketeers who managed to celebrate without them.


Slow just can’t leave that hand thing alone

Now she’s saying Fear the Other Thumb

The Red Man gives the Game Balls for the Bowl Game to his favorites Jadeveon Clowney-Man,  QB Connor Shaw, Wide Receiver Bruuuuuce Ellington and finally to the Old Bald Coach Steve Spurrier.  Thanks for the memories, guys – and Paw Snaps and Twirls for all the fun you gave us this season.  I don’t know what we’d do at Casa de Canterbury in the fall without you.

JD, Connor and Bruce plus probably Kelsy Quarles and Victor Hampton, too – we’ll miss you at Williams Brice but wish you the best in the NFL.  Make lots of money and never forget The Red Man was one of your biggest fans.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m behind on my resolutions for 2014…