Epic.  Historical.  Showdown for their legacies.  The Big Match of the Australian Open in Melbourne took place today at 3:30 a.m. ET which is really tomorrow for the Aussies.  Who says time can’t travel.


And talk about a House Divided at Casa de Canterbury.  The old woman Slow adores Nadal partly because she believes he is the greatest tennis player of his generation and partly because she thinks he looks like Elvis Presley who was her favorite singer of all generations and Pretty just loves Federer because he is RF and she always has so why should she jump ship now that he’s getting old.


Nadal at a press conference with his Elvis Presley Sneer

.  The first set of the Semi-Final Match was a heart-stopper.


Roger played great tennis and on this day could’ve whipped almost anybody…


…except Rafa who saw the little yellow ball as big as a watermelon


Rafa played with Passion and Patience and Persistence


And at the end of three straight sets, Roger went down

(7-6, 6-3, 6-3 were the scores in case anyone wants to know)


Rafa moves on to the Final on Sunday or Monday depending on where you live

Nadal will play Stan Wawrinka in the Australian Open Final.  Stay tuned for our coverage.


Roger will re-group with his new racquet and his new coach Stefan Edberg

Meanwhile back at the ranch as we say in Texas which is strange because we don’t even have a ranch in Texas or anywhere else and nobody is even in Texas right now anyway so what’s the point of bringing it up here.  As a matter of fact, Texas is a sore spot for me right now since the old woman Slow went AWOL last week to Worsham Street and didn’t even take moi, if you can imagine that.  The nerve of her.


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea remained neutral throughout the match

and Spike took the opportunity for a little nap

As for The Red Man, he sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to two of his personal all-time favorites, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, for the fun they give their Sports Fans at Casa de Canterbury and around the world.  They are both awesome in The Red Man’s opinion which is never humble.


Now get me outta here Percy, I hear the sound of kibbles in my bowl.  I need to keep up my strength for the Women’s Final tomorrow morning.

Hope all my Amigos have a Great Weekend whatever day and time it is for you!

P.S. Happy Australia Day to our Amigos Down Under – we are celebrating with you over here in our Eastern Time Zone!