First Play – First Snap – First Score

Seattle Seahawks 2 – Denver Broncos 0

Well Sports Fans, The Red Man is only now beginning to recover from what has got to be one of the Worst Super Bowls ever.  How did it all go so wrong for the Broncos?


Was Denver Coach John Fox too happy before the game?


Was it Joe Willie Namath’s coin toss…

…or his fur coat?

As six Denver Bronco team captains and three team captains from the Seattle Seahawks watched former New York Jets Quarterback Broadway Joe Namath toss the ceremonial coin into the air before the game to see who got the football first, the Game Referee lunged to catch it in the air before it hit the ground and said Whoa Joe, somebody’s gotta call it before you throw it.  Uh, oh.

Is that where it all went wrong?


American Opera Star Renee Fleming

sang The National Anthem

Or did it all go downhill when a highfalutin’ Opera Star really could hit the high notes in The Star Spangled Banner rather than the usual pop singer sliding around them and letting a trumpet cover for her?

Sweet Lady Gaga.  The Red Man will never know what caused the Denver Downfall but it was real and made for a long, long evening at Casa de Canterbury in the bleacher seats where Pretty and the old woman Slow painfully pulled for Peyton.  Ouch.  Another major sporting event where their guy lost.  (Remember Roger and Rafa at the Australian Open a mere two weeks ago?)

I don’t think this bodes well for Team USA in the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year.  They say Bad News travels in threes.

Whatever.  The only happy people other than all the Seahawk players and their Aggie Twelfth Man fans were the bookies who raked in 19.7 million $$ off the Peyton Nation Super Losers who bet 119.4 million $$ on Denver which was a 2.5 point favorite and lost 43 – 8.  Whoa Nellie – that’s more money than some people make in a year.

Get me outta here Percy…I knew I  should’ve watched Puppy Bowl X…