Well, well, well.  Wonders never cease.  The old woman Slow invited me to go with her to the Marquee Lighting at The Nickelodeon movie theater tonight.  The Nick is the Artsy-Fartsy movie place downtown where Pretty loves to go and read what the actors are saying in French or Iranian instead of just watching people speak English on the big screen.


Lots of people came to Main Street tonight

(yellow tennis shoes are the rage – Pretty has a pair, too)


Suits gave speeches while everyone waited

One of the Suits talked about the Mast General Store where Pretty works.  He said whenever someone needed directions to The Nick, they always were told it was on Main Street next to The Mast General Store.

Now people would be saying The Mast General Store is on Main Street next to The Nick.  Heh, heh.  Get it?  This Marquee is a Big Deal.


Wow – Bright Lights, Big City


The Red Man loves a party!

Now if only they would modify that No Dogs Allowed policy…get me outta here Percy…I’m not watching any movies here tonight evidently…