So anyway, this is why I don’t do a lot of visiting to otra casas which is Spanish for other houses.


Her name is Asta

she looks like the dog that won Best in Show 

at Westminster this year

 The old woman Slow took me to play with this little bitch yesterday and I got my bearings right away.

Oh, I said to myself, this is the cute little puppy I stayed with a couple of years ago when Slow and Pretty were gone on their trip with Number One Son and Pretty Two.  She sure has grown up to be beautiful with her Wire-Haired Fox Terrier self.


She”s so cute, right?

maybe we’ll be best friends

The water bowl was empty so Asta’s mom had the good Southern hospitality to step outside to fill it for us when WHOA! NELLIE!

That little dog turned on me like a tornado striking a house of cards and almost killed me!

Rude – Security Please!!

No one came to the rescue and before I could say Lay off you hound of the Baskerville that dog had flipped me over on my back and was spraddled all over me like we were about to have an intimate relation but who would want to have sex with this monster whose teeth were bared and about to puncture my jugular vein…Sweet Lady Gaga.

Of course, The Red Man recovered from the shock and shook her off, but all I can say is where are your friends when you need them?


I have renamed this dog Lasta

because that is my nerve she stomped all over 

Get me outta here Percy…it’s finally the weekend…and I say Be Careful who you visit, Sports Fans…they can turn on you in a heartbeat…