OMG, the inmates are running the asylum in the ‘Hood these days.  Pretty had to go back to work as soon as we got to Worsham Street so it’s just the old woman Slow and the boxes and those annoying post-it notes all over everything we’re selling.

Help!! I’m afraid she’s going to make a mistake and tape one to moi!  Handsome Terrier For Sale – oh no, oh no, oh no.  She’s dangerous without Pretty – I swear she’s selling EVERYTHING.  Total Chaos in the ‘Hood.

Thank goodness we got to go for a run in the West Montgomery County Park today – a taste of Freedom for me and Spike – the desperadoes of Worsham Street.


Free as a bird – must be fun to be a hawk


Spike has to sniff everything I do

(If he got a Report Card, it would say “Lacks Imagination”)



Hey – watch what you’re doing Big Guy


Which way did she go?


I think Freedom is overrated – I’m headed to the Dodge Dakota

Well Amigos I have to say it’s good to have the wind at your back on a beautiful day like today when you can forgive Texas for almost anything.  Yessiree.  I get the Texas thing.

But …we’re blowing this popsicle stand in a few days so get me outta here Percy…I want to be sure Slow packs my Thunder Shirt.  Never leave home without it.  It can thunder anywhere.