Worsham Street had company this weekend – friends of the old woman Slow, of course.  As if my nerves weren’t already frayed around the edges with the house in total chaos over the Big Move, we had to add this little aggravation to the mix.


Her name is Molly

Oh sure, she looks all sweet and nicey-nicey, but she had the audacity to actually GROWL at The Red Man right here in his own house.  Unbelievable.  That little black dog had Attitude with a Capital A.  I hate Attitude.


Spike asked me What’s the Plan?

Well Amigos this ain’t my first rodeo so I told him our best bet was to pretend she wasn’t here.


Get as far away from her as possible

Meanwhile, Slow and Molly’s Moms rocked on the front porch and laughed and rocked and told tall Texas tales about their high school days which is what they apparently remember better than what they had for supper.  And speaking of supper, the great Baby Back Barbecue Rib chase was on.


First Stop: Yo’ Mama’s


No ribs ready there – but lots of advice

I heard them say they ended up at Phil’s who did have barbecued ribs cooked and baked sweet potatoes to go with them so no danger of anyone going hungry in the ‘Hood.  By the time they finished their margaritas, I’m guessing they didn’t even care whether the ribs were barbecued or not.  Put some salt around my rim and call me Jose Cuervo.

So Sports Fans the little black dog is gone home to East Texas and Spike and I are left with Slow and her perpetual projects of filling cardboard boxes and tagging items everywhere around the house for the yard sale.

Where in the world is Pretty???  Help me, Pretty…please help me.  Rescue me from this Tasmanian devil who has invaded the old woman Slow.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m looking for a vacant spot to lay my gobsmacked head.

P.S. I don’t know if gobsmacked is a real word but I saw it used today to describe the feelings of The Good Wife fans who just witnessed the out-of-the-blue death of Will Gardner last night.  Slow and Pretty were so shocked they couldn’t even have their usual cell phone wrapup of one of their favorite tv shows.  I think they were gobsmacked.