OMG are you kidding me?  Four years ago we packed up half our stuff at Casa de Canterbury in South Carolina  and moved it a thousand miles to Worsham Street in Texas and here we are four years later packing  up all  the same stuff plus more on Worsham Street and moving it back to Casa de Canterbury.  Sweet Lady Gaga.  Somebody help me!!  Please stop these two crazy lesbians who seem to be chasing their own tails.

What will The Red Man ever do without the Little Women of Worsham and the Fabulous Huss Brothers??  The Saints preserve me.

Well Amigos when you gotta go , you gotta go and The Red Man has to go where la familia which is Spanish for family goes so Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and moi made a mad dash to Pretty’s Toyota Forerunner because we were afraid they would forget us.  Not intentionally of course – but they were so gobsmacked we thought they had lost their effectiveness and memory along with it.


Notice empty back seat

We, however, were on full alert as imported Number One Son and Pretty packed the 16 ft rental truck and the Toyota while Slow supervised.  Key word: 16 ft.


It takes a LONG time to pack a 16 ft truck


One of us got tired



Somebody had to remain vigilant as the stuff

piled around me

Well Amigos the major problem of the day was that Number One Son had told Pretty and Slow to order a 24 ft truck but Pretty and Slow thought they would rent a 16 ft since it was much cheaper and they thought it would do just as well.  Not really – sardines in a can couldn’t be packed any tighter than the stuff in that truck.  Everybody held their breath when the back door was shut.


Finally got packed and rolling

So this was my view for a thousand miles as I sat on Slow’s lap in the front seat since there was barely room for Spike in the back seat.  TBO Chelsea rode in the rental truck with Number One Son and I was the lucky dog who had to look at the back of a rental truck with some ungodly piece of art Pretty was determined to take home with her.

All’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of saying, and everyone and everything arrived safely and in one piece.

Unloading a 16 ft truck is as much fun as loading one and takes almost as long.  Casa de Canterbury now looks like an Amazon warehouse and I am sure items are available at bargain prices.  Sigh.

We are a tired group today and if we had tail feathers, they would be dragging, but The Red Man can pass along this moral to today’s story: no matter where you ride to …that’s where you are.


Welcome Home

Get me outta here Percy…and thanks to our followers in cyberspace for hanging with us through the years on Worsham Street.  We won’t say adios to Worsham – we’ll just say hasta la vista to the ‘Hood which is Spanish for see you later on.