Well Amigos today takes the cake, and I do mean takes it, as in Long Gone.  Sayonara.  Adios.  Goodbye to the Stickboy Bakery pound cake that Pretty bought for the old woman Slow for her birthday which is coming up the 21st.  Imported from Boone, North Carolina by a special messenger who also works at the Mast General Store with Pretty who spares no expense to make Slow happy on her 68th. birthday.  Geez Louise. This clearly ain’t her first rodeo so why bother.

Pretty brought the cake to Slow a week in advance because she knows she will refuse to share it and she doesn’t want her to try to eat the whole thing in a day.



The last remains will be gone tonight. Trust me.

And if it was just the cake, The Red Man could let it go without dramatics, but today Slow and Pretty carried the celebrations too far.

They went for a Massage with Hot Rocks and then they both went to an Astrologer who read their Charts which must have been something else because when Slow asked Pretty how her reading went Pretty said Well, I was as interesting as I always thought I was.

That’s Pretty for you – always as funny as she thinks she is, too.  Heh, heh.

Massages, Astrologers, Pound Cake…what’s next?

So Sports Fans we have no clue.  We’ll just have to hide and watch.

Have a great weekend cyberspace Amigos, and when you’re out having a cocktail or two, raise a toast to the old woman Slow.


She ain’t much, but she’s all we got

Get me outta here Percy…it must be time for my meds.