Well Amigos you got your talk about the birds and the bees which as The Red Man knows is just an excuse to talk about sex.  Unfortunately for the old woman Slow on her birthday she skipped the birds part and went right to the bees.  Or, that is the bees went right to her.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the evening.



Home we visit in Winnsboro

(thanks to Leesa for her open fields policy)

The birthday party got going when The Three Musketeers and Slow loaded up in the old Dodge Dakota pickup and commenced to rambling around on some back country roads and an hour later we ended up at the granite quarry in Winnsboro.  We have an Amiga who lives up there.

We got off to a smooth start on the Birthday Walk.


Interloper Spike, Tennis Ball Obsessed and The Red Man

Slow had me on a leash because of my previous misadventures at the rock quarry she told me.  However, I find it to be discrimination against small dogs.  Big dogs roam free.  Small dog on a leash.  I wish Pretty had been along.  She would have never let Slow get away with this social injustice. But Pretty had to work at the Mast General Store and couldn’t come with us.  Shit house mouse.


TBO Chelsea and Spike in tall grass


I can always smell when a Plan is going wrong

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.  Bugs were flying all around us when we walked through the field and I had a premonition we were headed for trouble.


No, no, no – Don’t go this way!

Sometimes you just can’t save people from themselves, if you know what I mean.  I heard loud buzzing sounds from the direction we were going and I tried to get the Birthday Girl to turn around before it was too late.


Bees didn’t want to be disturbed

I hate to say I told her so, but I told her so.  I was fast enough to get away from the angry little bastards but of course Slow got stung – on her face next to her infamous Shingles Eye.  Sweet Lady Gaga.  She slapped at it and knocked it away but too little too late.  The damage was done.  Happy Birthday to you.  Sixty-eight may not be your lucky number.


Woe is me – will we ever get out of these woods?


At long last – the road back to the truck


TBO Chelsea the Lab discovered a mud puddle

The Red Man was hot and tired and Welsh terriers as everyone knows do not like water so I tried to walk around the puddle but it was huge and my paws got wet.  Yuck. Disgusting.


 TBO Chelsea was pardon the pun Dog Tired


Spike was smart enough to take a short cut –

and was waiting for us when we finally got back


Get me outta here Percy

So the old woman Slow was gobsmacked by a bee and had to go to the doctor for a shot the day after her birthday.  Her face was a mess – it frightened me, but she lives to ride another day.  She’s like the Energizer bunny.  She keeps beating her own drum.