Well cyberspace Amigos and Sports Fans, The Red Man leaves his customary good humor behind tonight and turns his attention to World News.

On April 14th. two hundred thirty-four (234) school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria and while 40 escaped somehow, almost 200 are still missing.  That’s right.  Young girls taken from their school by Bad Guys who pretended to be Good Guys (cops) and taken to other countries in their neighborhood  and you won’t believe this but now they’ve been sold for $12 each to become “brides” of more Bad Guys.  And the Nigerian government reaction?  Hardly any.

On April 16th. a South Korean ferry carrying a boat load of high school kids turned on its side and then sank into the ocean while the captain and most of the crew told everybody to stay put as they jumped ship.  That’s right.  Ship tilted. Sank. Captain and most of crew ok but more than 300 teenagers drowned in their cabins.  BTW, owners added lots of cabins to boat in 2012 and had been warned by their employees that ship was too heavy and unstable.  Warned.  By their own people that ship wasn’t right.  Kept right on sailing.

Is it just me – or is this a world beyond Thunderdome or what?

Get me outta here Percy – I’m not feeling the World Love today.