Well Amigos I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My editor the old woman Slow has been grounded for a week – and I do mean grounded.  Grounded as in stay in bed.  Do not get up.  If you get up, Pretty will shoot you.  And since Pretty had to go back to work today after shuffling Slow around between doctors and pharmacies all day yesterday, The Red Man is in charge of monitoring Bad Behaviors.

Oops, I see it’s time for one of the old girl’s Magic Medicines, so she’ll be out like a light in a few minutes, thank God.  I can’t stand the moaning and groaning.  Suck it up, I told her, but she’s a Pain Pussy.

Get me outta here Percy – I need to go  Google aggravated arthritis and tears in muniscuss in the knees or some other bullshit.diagnosis she’s using as a Medical Excuse to skip work.  Please.  It’s always something.  I say it’s impossible to get good help these days.