Well Amigos as you might expect The Red Man has avoided wading into the Michael Mess, but tonight he gives up the fight.

Michael Sam is the notorious homosexual who dares to play football with the Real Men of the NFL – nervous men who are trying to figure out how to act around him in a smelly locker room as if anyone cares because they should be so tired from football practice that they collapse on the benches and should not be worried about a gay recruitment attempt from Michael Sam who is also so tired the last thing on his mind is whether he’s gay or straight.

And then along comes Oprah who wants to make a reality TV show called the Untitled Michael Sam Project which would follow the experiences of the first openly gay man to be drafted in an NFL draft.  Ever.  Historical.  Jackie Robinson-like.  Word to Oprah: This is not a catchy title for a reality TV show. And the NFL wasn’t buying it.  They passed.  Heh, heh, my little football joke for the night.

So Michael Sam won’t have an Oprah show, but he will have a chance to play football for the St. Louis Rams.  The Red Man hopes he makes the team.

Meanwhile over in Pennsylvania a United States District Judge appointed by Dubya ruled today that the same-sex marriage ban in the state was unconstitutional.  That makes the 10th. state this year to take a step forward for equality and justice and it’s only May.

Needless to say, the lesbians at Casa de Canterbury were high-fiving it and agreed it makes a great birthday present for Pretty – who is another year older tomorrow.

Michael, Oprah, Marriage.  As the old woman Slow is fond of saying, What a country.

Get me outta here Percy – I’ve got a birthday party to plan.  Happy Birthday, Pretty!