Well Amigos, today is Juneteenth in southeast Texas and FIFA in South America so the good times are rolling for real.  I’m not sure if Juneteenth is spelled right and I also don’t know if the World Cup is pronounced Fy – fah or Fee – fah but The Red Man will party hearty anyway.  Any excuse for Paw Snaps and Twirls in an otherwise dull household.

I think Juneteenth is only celebrated in Texas, but FIFA is world-wide and we are pleased to see our Sports Fans’ favorite teams from other countries doing well in what everybody outside the USA thinks is football.  Yep, just about the time the Americans learn how to pronounce FIFA, they’ll probably be out of the running.  Surprise me.

Our Latina Amiga was at Casa de Canterbury Tuesday and the old woman Slow tried to follow the Brazil vs. Mexico match with her.  After a very long time and tons of enthusiasm from both nations in the stands and all of us in the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury, the game ended 0 to 0 so nobody won – but then again nobody lost, either.  Apparently they aren’t playing overtime until somebody wins.  That wouldn’t work very well in American football.  They have to have a winner….and a loser.

The Latina Amiga was very disappointed in the tie between Mexico and Brazil, and Slow would’ve probably been upset too if she’d understood more about the game.  She is woefully futbol challenged.  Pretty was at work so she didn’t have to worry about FIFA or the Latina Amiga.

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to all of his Sports Fans that are celebrating Juneteenth in Texas tonight and more PS and T to the FIFA teams who are still alive and well and waiting to play another day.  While we’re at it, let’s not forget the ‘Horns who are also hanging in Omaha in the College World Series.  Hook ’em.

Get me outta here Percy… too much excitement…Pretty and I need our beauty rest…