Question: What do FIFA Team Chile and Team Serena Williams have in common today??

Answer:  Both teams are packing their respective bags and headed home.

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Brazil for the 3 – 2 heart-stopping win over Chile at the World Cup today and to Alize Cornet of France for her history-making win over Serena Williams at Wimbledon in the third round.



Alize Cornet and Serena Williams shake on it


Alize does a victory dance

That’s what you do when you’re 20…

and you’ve just beaten Number One


Serena ponders the meaning of life

2014 is not her best year

Meanwhile, across the waters and miles from continent to continent, our Brazilian Amigos celebrate Big Time along with our Colombian Sports Fans who defeated Uruguay and kept their dreams alive to win it all in Brazil next month as FIFA Fever continues nonstop.  Well, maybe not nonstop.

As for Wimbledon, Pretty keeps Faith with Federer as he goes for his eighth singles title on the green, green grass he calls home.  Pretty loves Roger and wants to see him win just one more…for the good times.


Chris Evert loves Roger, too


What’s not to love?


The old woman Slow loves Chris…

thanks for the tennis memories Missy Chrissie

Well Amigos Sunday is the day of rest and all of our cast members at Casa de Canterbury could use one.  We’re taking the day off to save up for next week’s excitement as balls big and small are kicked and whacked around with reckless abandon all over the world.

Get me outta here Percy…The Red Man is a doggie on the edge tonight…