Well Amigos, the 4th. of July is winding down at Casa de Canterbury as firecrackers boom around us and we await the arrival of Pretty who has put in a full day of work at the Mast General Store.  We missed her in the bleacher seats and sadly, she missed seeing her most favorite of all tennis players Roger Federer as he won his match in the  Wimbledon semifinal today to advance to the final on Sunday.  He will play Novak Djokovic – so much for Generation Next.  The Big Four remain Big.

Meanwhile across the oceans and time zones other Europeans were playing their version of football in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.  The Germans outlasted the French and they move on to those semifinals and will play the host country which defeated Colombia in another close game.


Number 1 for today


Overcome by Victory – Brazilian player


Overcome by Defeat – Colombian teammates


Comrades in competition

not sure about shirt exchange after match but

if that’s what they do, then we’ll roll with it

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to all the FIFA players and has a new respect for these warriors who run around without pads or helmets or any protection and get banged up on a regular basis.  Sweet Lady Gaga, these guys are fearless.


Rough stuff – Brazilian star Neymar goes down

taken to hospital afterwards

Let’s hope Neymar recovers in time for the semifinal against Germany and that everyone’s bumps and bruises will be better by the next game.  It’s a jungle out there. Heh, heh.  No, seriously, the FIFA teams have to play in a jungle sometimes.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be up for Breakfast at Wimbledon and the Ladies’ Final.  Big Bang Bouchard and left-handed Czech Kvitova will provide the fireworks for us for sure.

Get me outta here Percy…The Red Man needs to find his ear plugs…we’re celebrating Independence Day with a bang up in here…