Well Amigos, The Red Man says thank you to the Sports Gods for FIFA since Wimbledon has wound down today and Casa de Canterbury will be doing some heavy Yellow Ball Withdrawal in the next few days.  Honestly, what the women lacked in excitement in their Wimbledon final as Kvitova worked over Big Bang Bouchard who went out with hardly a whimper, the men made up for in fine fashion as Novak Djokovic squeezed by the I’m-not-ready-to-retire Roger Federer in five sets.  Pretty was devastated since she is the President of the Federer Fan Club at Casa de Canterbury.



Federer and Djokovic all smiles before Gentlemen’s Final 


ESPN announcers all smiles, too



Roger’s twin girls sit with their mother and watch Daddy play

more smiles all around for Myla Rose and Charlene Riva Federer


Oh No – Daddy didn’t win!

No, little twin girls who now have new little twin baby brothers Leo and Lenny, Daddy didn’t win but some day you will know what John McEnroe means about your dad when he says he loves to win more than he hates to lose.  In other words, the Federer Family’s Future includes more tennis.  Pretty and other Fed Followers will live to dream another day.


Novak embraces his new coach Boris Becker after the match

Boris won Wimbledon back in the good old days

when his hair was the color his face is today


In the end, Djokovic had the Mojo…


and the final smile

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Novak and Roger for their great plays and courage in the face of adversity.  The final battles are often within ourselves, and Novak beat a bigger opponent than Roger today.  You can quote The Red Man on that one.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m looking for some FIFA Fever meds to save me from Yellow Ball Withdrawal…have a great week Sports Fans and thanks for hanging in there with us for Wimbledon again this year – You’re the Best!