Well Amigos so much for the New Caledonian Crows and their predictions in FIFA Finals.  That’s the problem with putting your money on a sure thing BEFORE the game is played.  Germany hadn’t heard of New Caledonia or their crows and won the World Cup with great defense and a young player named Mario Goetze.  He scored the lone goal in a game that went into extra time and gave the FIFA Followers a breathtaking conclusion to the weeks of contests in Brazil that ended in an awesome night in Rio de Janeiro.

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to FIFA for a Fabulous time in 2014…


Colorful conclusion to the World Cup


Por favor, Dios


Germany’s Goetze is thankful his prayers were answered


Germany’s coach celebrates with his goalkeeper


Goetze savors the moment









He couldn’t believe his eyes


Taking any comfort that you can


No, No, No.


Oh, yeah – this is how I want to remember it


 The icing on the cake – going home to Germany

And so Sports Fans the saga that started many moons ago has now come to an end, and The Red Man has to admit to a certain amount of relief.  Casa de Canterbury will now go into Ws Withdrawal – Wimbledon and World Cup gone.  Adios .  Goodbye.  Thanks to everyone involved in making this FIFA a major success.  We can’t even imagine how many gazillions of dollars must have been spent in Brazil and London, too, in the past six weeks.  Shit house mouse.

Oh, well.  Back to country classics for the old woman Slow and Pretty will be in charge of nighttime entertainment now.  Also, very suspicious undercurrents at the Casa the past few days.  Slow is counting her pills and Pretty is packing a suitcase – I sniff a trip – and I don’t think it’s to Texas.  Stay tuned.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to check on the old Dodge Dakota that died last week…to repair or not to repair, that appears to be the question…