Camp Bow Wow – Ohio Style

Well Sports Fans, if you were looking for The Red Man today, you should’ve looked at Camp Bow Wow in Cincinnati, Ohio because that’s where you would’ve found him.  Nothing against this place for sure, but apparently The Red Man isn’t going to the Tennis Tournament with the Big Stars like:


Serena Williams


Sam Stosur who lost to Serena Williams


Pretty’s Favorite Roger Federer won in three sets

The Stars were big and bright deep in the heart of Center Court today, but The Red Man spent the day at Camp Bow Wow – which is one step above Vacation Bible School and a step below Boot Camp.  What fresh hell will the old woman Slow and Pretty have up their sleeve for tomorrow.

Thank goodness for Mary H., a longtime faithful follower of The Red Man who lives in Cincy and arrived at the end of the day to rescue me from CBWow and drive me and Slow back to the motel where we are staying.  This was my first personal meet and greet with Mary H, and I must say she was a sight for sore eyes.


Mary H – one of The Red Man’s Favorite Amigas

Get me outta here, Percy…I think I heard Pretty finally get in from her twelve-hour marathon day of tennis…I need to catch the scores from today’s matches or I could just watch…


The Tennis Channel