Well Amigos, The Red Man has returned to Casa de Canterbury from his adventures in Cincinnati, Ohio which is eight hours north and west of us if you are riding with Pretty in her comfy 2006 Toyota 4 Runner. Pretty keeps the pedal to the metal when she’s on a mission, and the Super Duper Tennis Tournament with all the Big Stars was definitely her mission this week.

As you will recall, The Red Man spent his time at Camp Bow Wow while all the lesbians – we brought an extra one with us for this trip – made a mad dash to Mason outside of Cincy for the matches.  Then when they picked me up late in the afternoon, it was Tennis Talk, Tennis Talk, Tennis Talk in the car.  When we stopped to get something to eat at night, we had to find a Sports Bar  that would give up a TV screen for these women who now reminded me of Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea that was probably btw at home snoozing without a care in the world on our sofa.  With Seinfeld in the background.  Lucky her.

When we got to our rooms in the nice La Quinta after supper, we WATCHED Tennis highlights on TV.  Shit house mouse.  They had tennis seeping  from every pore in their bodies for the past five days. I swear I thought I could smell the cinnamon pretzels the old woman Slow raved about.  Slow never passes up a warm pretzel in a concession stand at a sporting event – even when she’s sitting in the hot afternoon sun getting baked herself.

The high point of the trip for Pretty, of course, was when she saw Roger Federer walking from the courts to the ESPN booth for his interview after his win over Andy Murray.  According to Pretty, she was walking to the Grandstand Court from Center Court and all of a sudden the crowd parted much like the biblical waters of the Red Sea  but instead of Moses, it was Roger Federer and his entourage moving through the masses.  Pretty evidently swooned when she saw him up close and personal and told Slow it was like watching The Beatles walk by.  Whatever.

Thank God Pretty had to be back at work yesterday at the Mast General Store or I’m sure we would’ve still been in the middle of Tennis Madness.


Pretty and Amiga waiting for Roger


Old Woman Slow and her hero Rafael Nadal

Poor old Slow.  That picture on the wall around the stadium was as close as she could get to her hero this week – he had to withdraw due to a wrist injury at the last minute.  She’s loved the guy for ten years and just when she finally goes to see him, he’s not there.  The Red Man almost felt sorry for her.  Almost.


The Red Man leaving Cincy

Well Sports Fans, The Red Man found Camp Bow Wow in the North in Cincy to be run by the same kind of very nice people who ran Camp Bow Wow in the South in Columbia.  As a matter of fact, people are just people no matter where they live.  You got your mostly good ones and a few jerks no matter where you ride: north, south, east or west.

And speaking of riding, get me outta here Percy…I’ve got some finals to watch today.  Needless to say, the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury will be hoping Federer wins all the marbles.

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