Well Amigos, I have to say the old woman Slow has hit Beyond Thunder Dome this week, and here’s why.

First of all, she left AGAIN with her little suitcase and computer bag but only one week’s worth of pills so The Red Man knew she wasn’t going to be gone long.  When Pretty drove off with her and came back by herself, none of us really cared whether Slow was gone or not – as long as Pretty was here.

I knew she must be headed to Worsham Street for a sneaky visit, and sure enough that’s where she was.  Interesting.  We all miss the ‘Hood  but apparently only one of us is allowed to visit.  I sniff discrimination.

The Ansel Adams of digital photography she is not, but she did bring us a few pics from Worsham, and The Red Man was happy to see the old home place looked the same.


609 looks the same except for…


…super deluxe shiny red golf cart in the driveway

I always wanted one of those.  Sigh.


604 is as pretty as ever –

my favorite view from  between pickets in our fence at 609

So far, so good – but she just can’t leave well enough alone.  I swear she cannot go to Texas without making a trip to that cemetery…the cemetery where The Red Man had the Infamous Incident several years ago with El Toro Grande which is Spanish for the Big Bull.  No good memories are attached to that place for moi.  That was a lot of Bull to outrun, if you catch my drift.  I can still smell his bad breath, hot and heavy.  Whoa, Nellie, I’m getting the vapors just thinking about it.


 Good to see the oldest of the Fabulous Huss Brothers

how Slow ever talked Oscar into a cemetery trip is beyond me


Even Oscar knew something wasn’t quite right


Wait a minute – what’s this new one?


Hey, that’s MY NAME on this stone – stop smiling, Oscar – has the daffy old twit lost her mind??  Sassy, Annie, Ollie and RED…are you kidding me??  What kind of nut case is she – seriously…Pretty and Slow are very much alive, and so is The Red Man.  And now she has a HEADSTONE for us.  Well, I never.

Get me outta here Percy, I need a sedative for the nightmares I’m about to have from this vision. Deliver me from pre-planners.