Well Amigos, today is September 1st and 116 days until Christmas, but who’s counting…oh, well, it turns out I am.

Time marches on and takes no prisoners, if you catch my drift, and this is our four-year anniversary month in cyberspace adventures.  Since I will be fourteen years old in December, I have spent 28% of my dog life moving from relative obscurity to minor notoriety.  Sweet Lady Gaga.

Popularity changes as often as the wind changes its course, according to somebody, and how true it is.  However, when you start at zero, which is where we started four years ago, there’s nowhere to go but up.  The Red Man has trended up these past four years and slowly but surely our Amigos and Sports Fans have increased in numbers somewhat less than exponentially, but they have grown.

The Red Man’s editor, the old woman Slow, wanted to add actual numbers and graphs and charts about our progress over the years, but I put my paw down on that.  Boring.  Super boring.  Nobody cares but her and occasionally, Pretty, but even Pretty finds the whole discussion irrelevant to the happiness level at Casa de Canterbury.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed my opportunities to blah, blah, blah with an audience that encourages me in the process.  Fame and fortune haven’t followed, but it’s probably just as well.  The paparazzi can be so annoying.

So Happy Anniversary to moi and thanks to my followers who apparently hail from the four corners of the earth – The Red Man sends you Paw Snaps and Twirls tonight!

Get me outta here, Percy…