Well Amigos, The Red Man is in a bit of a funk today.  Huge surprise since I am usually jolly and upbeat and have nothing but good things to say about everyone.  Shit house mouse.

See there, nothing but jolly and upbeat.

Today, however, Pretty is missing in action.  She left us yesterday to go on a business trip up to the Mast General Store Mecca somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and spent the night away from Casa de Canterbury which means we have had to rely on the old woman Slow for our entertainment. Sad.  Very sad.

Now don’t get me wrong. We think Slow’s fine with the food, meds, vet trips, grooming excursions, etc., but when it comes to our daily fun, she is a bust.  Boring. Super boring.  For example, she is at a loss to find a TV channel to watch since the US Open ended Monday so she has returned to the Country Classics music station in the morning and TNT crime dramas in the afternoon.  Sweet Lady Gaga.  How many blue eyes are really crying in the rain and who cares if they do – except Willie Nelson obviously.

And why do Bones and her FBI agent/unrequited love Booth end every episode eating Chinese food with chopsticks and drinking wine with some kind of message music playing in the background…plus they stay so thin, too.  Amazing.  Amazing and predictable.  Slow just loves predictable.

Anyhow, the other thorn in my side has been the Ray Rice video.  No, thank you very much.  The Red Man chooses not to watch that, if you don’t mind.  Just hearing about it has been bad enough.    All this violence on the football fields surely spills over into real life, and real life violence isn’t limited to football players.  Turn off the a/c and open your windows.  You may hear more than dogs barking.

Unfortunately, The Red Man has no answer for these situations except to say Stop.  Stop.  Stop.  Don’t do it, and don’t put up with it.  And if you know about it, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away.

All’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of saying, but clearly this situation doesn’t fall in that category. Nothing has ended well.  If only Pretty had been here, we could have had a sensible conversation with her and felt better.

Get me outta here Percy, I need to look for my happy pills…


Spike is a wreck without Pretty