Well Amigos, nothing to report on the pending nuptials of the old woman Slow and Pretty.  Nope, they never heard back from the county judge about their license, and they apparently have no clue when it might be accepted.  In the mean time, The Red Man is sick to death of all this talk about social justice this and marriage equality that.  Justice delayed is justice denied, blah, blah, blah.  Frankly my dear, etc.

We have to get back to the basics around here.  October.  Halloween.  The Gamecocks.  The Longhorns.  Their defenses and offenses.  Coach Spurrier.  Coach Strong.  Pumpkins.

Did somebody say pumpkins?


Choosing the right pumpkin is a family affair

There’s a Pumpkin Patch right around the corner from Casa de Canterbury at the Methodist Church which evidently hasn’t gotten the memo about Halloween being off-limits and connected to heathens.  They will have like a thousand follow-up questions if they ever find out about it.


At any rate The Red Man is staying tuned for an adventurous autumn weekend and hoping all of his Sports Fans have a Great Time and that all their favorite teams win – as long as they’re not playing the Cocks or the ‘Horns.


Go Cocks!  Hook ’em!!