Excuse me, but apparently somebody has new Amigos this afternoon.


Where in the world is Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea?


Does she miss The Red Man and Spike?


Obviously not


Hm…Dykes on Bykes…of course…that explains it…


Busted – trying not to look guilty

So it turns out the old woman Slow takes TBO Chelsea on a walk this afternoon and leaves The Red Man at home with Spike.  We are not amused.

I heard Slow tell Pretty she and Chelsea hiked the Palmetto Trail with a dyke on a byke.  Why hike if you have a byke?  Heh, heh.  The Red Man is a poet.

TBO Chelsea came in with her tongue dragging so she must have had quite the afternoon with her new amigos.  She actually looked guilty, which isn’t possible according to somebody named the Dolly Llama who says guilt isn’t even a word.  Seriously?  I like to heap it around on a regular basis.  What’s the point of having fun if you can’t feel guilty about it afterwards.

Get me outta here Percy….time for late night guilt-free Pretty Pets…