Once upon a time long, long ago, a dog named Fido lived in the magical kingdom of Shangri La.  He was a very lucky dog because he belonged to King Abracadabra who had all kinds of super cool talents like making things appear and disappear whenever it suited him – which is always a handy trick to have at your disposal if you live in a magical kingdom.

The King was a lonely man because in order to make whoopee with the King, a princess candidate had to pass the Fido test, namely, Fido had to lick her nose.  This was the ultimate sign of approval and so far, not a single princess had been favored with the lick on the nose, and there had been a ton of them who tried.

One day King Abracadabra said, “Fido, I believe I have found the perfect princess.  She is from our neighboring Kingdom of Nevermore and is the daughter of King Sonoco who is prepared to give us a gazillion dollars if I will marry her. You know he has all that oil money.  Anyway, this is a must for us.  I really need you to decide to lick her nose when she picks you up to give her best efforts pets.  Do you feel me, Fido?”

Fido nodded his head and raised a paw in a perfect salute to the King as if to say, I’m all over it.

The next evening Princess Hoity Toity was escorted into the King’s boudoir by the castle guards who then closed the doors behind them.  King Abracadabra motioned to the Princess to have a seat next to him on the royal sofa – which was his customary receiving move.  Fido sat on the other side of the King with his head on the King’s leg – which was his customary position…and then…

Sigh. I don’t know what happened next because the old woman Slow called Chow Time and The Red Man was happy for it.  Today was a canned food day, and that’s a magical moment at Casa de Canterbury.  The Red Man made that food disappear as fast as King Abracadabra could have with a snap of his fingers.

Slow found this picture of Fido at one of Pretty’s antique malls and all of a sudden I pictured Fido in his Grander Days, and then I was off and funning.

Well Sports Fans, it’s Weekend Eve and that means another round of football madness is upon us.  Thank goodness the Cocks have a weekend off to gather themselves for the Florida Gators the following week.  It won’t be easy.

Abracadabra, get me outta here Percy…there’s a full moon tonight, and I’m a doggie on the edge…