Well Amigos, the old woman Slow and Pretty got a marriage license today – what’s that you say?  A marriage license?  Sweet Lady Gaga…you mean the gays are getting married in South Carolina now – OMG it’s the Rapture, and we’ve been left!!



So Spike, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, Pretty, Slow and yours truly The Red Man were winding down the day late in the afternoon at Casa de Canterbury today, you know just sitting around the kitchen table,  when Pretty said Hey I see somebody coming up the steps to the front door and I think it’s our neighbor Judge McCullough and she jumped up and ran to the door before this Your Hottie Honor even had a chance to ring the doorbell and then Slow jumped up too and the rest of us went running and barking following Slow like we always do whenever anyone comes to the casa and Pretty got to the door first.

Your Hottie Honor gave this Marriage License to Pretty who had opened the front door and then she said Congratulations and hugged Pretty and tried to hug Slow who had her hands full keeping us dogs from running out the front door.  Then she ran down the steps back to her car  waving her arms in the air like a big Hallelujah or Eureka or Victory Salute.  I swear she did.  I saw it with my own eyes.

Apparently this is a very Big Deal to Pretty and Slow who have been laughing and crying ever since she came by.  I mean it, laughing AND crying.  Okay.  I say, let them go for it – spin the merry-go-round of LOVE and the roller coaster of HAPPINESS and let the good times roll.  Turn on some ABBA and let the old girls P-A-R-T-Y…Dancing Queens…Take a Chance on Me…having the time of their lives…

Get me outta here Percy…I am an emotional wreck tonight…