So guess who was at Pretty’s Mast General Store today…


Never trust a Santa who has to wear a name tag

All’s well that ends well, as The Red Man is fond of saying and we have our Amiga Timekia to thank for this photo – we stood in line with the rest of the kids who came downtown for the Santa experience today.  The Mast General Store was humming and Main Street was probably as busy as Fifth Avenue in New York…well, maybe not that busy – but definitely in the holiday spirit.

We have updates on the missing Baby Jesus from the cousins in Navasota, Texas this year.  As our faithful followers will remember, the Nativity Scene at their church has been without the Baby Jesus for three years now. He was stolen – lifted right out of the outdoor Nativity Scene.

 According to Church Organist, he mentioned this in the business meeting at the church last week and apparently the minister said the Nativity Committee had completely forgotten about the missing Baby Jesus and then he said, oh well, they would worry about that later since Baby J wasn’t born until the 24th. anyway.

And then, the committee decided to place one of the sheep in front of the Wise Man’s knee which now has a hole in it rather than spending any money to repair the hole.  The roof is in tatters this year, but no funds were allocated to fix it.

When Church Organist’s brother Country Farmer heard this news, he became enraged and said he is personally contacting the chairman of the Nativity Committee next week and telling him that the Baby Jesus has been around for thousands of years and you can’t possibly have a proper Nativity Scene without him.

There is high drama in the church this year, and The Red Man will report updates as we get them from the cousins in Grimes County.

Get me outta here Percy – I’m a dog looking for some nog…