Well Amigos, The Red Man is oozing mellow and feeling stoked about the Holidays on the morning after.  We are all in recovery mode since the old woman Slow and Pretty were out into the wee hours of the evening (well, almost 11 o’clock so that’s wee hours to them) for their Christmas party at Number One Son and Pretty Too’s new house last night.

Christmas 2014

Pretty Too Two, Pretty’s Sis, Slow, Pretty Too and Pretty

(left to right – photo courtesy of Jim)

So it turns out Pretty Too has an identical twin sister Pretty Too Two and Slow and Pretty LOVE the other two Pretties and had a Big Time eating, drinking, opening gifts and generally being merry in the first family Christmas in the new home.


Pretty loves her new ring from Number One Son and Pretty Too

(photo courtesy of Pretty Too Two, assistant photographer for the evening)


Number One Son very happy with Christmas tree –

Note Red Top Hat Tree Topper

Slow and Pretty talked and talked about how beautiful the tree was with the Red Top Hat Topper and Number One Son asked his mother how long he could keep their first tree up – she told him until New Year’s Day – so he was happy with that news.


In fact, Number One Son happy in general


Pretty Too and Music Man Brother

Music Man Brother lives in Oakland, California and was totally stoked for the holidays being with his family in South Carolina.  MMB taught Slow her new favorite word “stoked.”


Pretty’s Dad happy with his new cowboy hat


Pretty Too also happy – old woman Slow keeping tabs on assistant PT Two


Pretty and Pretty Too having Big Time


Hm…what’s this??  I was told it was a Peeps Only Party…

Evidently invitations were extended to a few Pups, too.  Olive belongs to Pretty Too Two and her Main Squeeze and made the guest list.  I’m sure Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and  Squirrel Chaser Spike and The Red Man should have been included but we remained with our own Christmas Cheer at Casa de Canterbury.  Expect a few changes next year.




Worsham Street Rockers at home at Casa de Canterbury

Well Sports Fans, this is all the Christmas Cheer the Red Man can stand for one day.  Too much happiness makes me very nervous…

Get me outta here Percy – time for The Red Man to make his New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 which is an odd-numbered year – always trouble.  Be prepared –  and we’ll hope to  see each of  our amigos and amigas in cyberspace in the New Year!

P.S. Many thanks to my assistant photographer Pretty Too Two for her successful first assignment.