Well Amigos apparently 2015 is off to a rousing start at Casa de Canterbury.  Seriously, take a look at this crowd…

The old woman Slow is her usual worthless self following the end of football season – at least the end for the teams she loves.  Whoever had the bright idea of playing the final game of the college season on January 12th. should have their heads examined – I’ve already forgotten the teams that are playing.  Oh yes… Oregon Ducks and Florida State Seminoles.   I always confuse the Oregon Mascot with the Insurance Mascot, and the Tomahawk Chop Chops make me very nervous so I don’t know who to pull for.  I’m the Dog that doesn’t hunt in this fight, or something like that.  Fool me once, etc.

As for the NFL playoffs, the Carolina Panthers travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks but Casa de Canterbury has blacked out the games due to player misconduct for the 2014 season, although I noticed Slow sneaked a peak last weekend while Pretty was at work at the Mast General Store.  Even so…Carolina vs. Seattle?  I don’t think so, Cam Newton.

Rounding out the sports attractions is, of course, basketball.  Rounding out – heh, heh, my little joke for the night.  Ok.  Lame, but what the heck.  The Lady Gamecocks find themselves at the Number One spot in the nation at this moment with Coach Dawn Staley at the helm calling the shots.  Let’s hear it for the Lady Cocks!

Slow and Pretty went to the Auburn game last week and thoroughly enjoyed themselves…at least until the end of the game when they were walking out and Slow reached into her jacket pocket for her cell phone and found that the two Lindt chocolates she’d put in there for emergency purposes had melted during the heated excitement of the game. She was horrified to pull her pathetic cell phone out and discover it was soaked in melted chocolate.

I wish somebody had taken a picture of her walking into Casa de Canterbury with her left hand oozing chocolate and then rushing over to the sink to try to wash her hands, phone and the inside lining of her jacket.  Hysterically funny.  And btw, she made the mistake of laying her jacket over a chair, and The Red Man was able to pull it down on the floor and lick the pocket lined with chocolate flavor.  I highly recommend Lindt…yummy.

Thank God for the Awards Shows coming up this week to rescue us from the post-holiday doldrums.  The Golden Globes are this Sunday night, and we will be on pins and needles as the little statues are handed out.  Unfortunately, Columbia cinemas have not quite kept up with the nominees so we will have to rely on hype and hyperbole for our votes in the bleacher seats this year.  So many deserving nominees, so few statues.

Well Sports Fans, time to claim my spot on the king-sized bed before the crowd settles in.  I hope you’re off to a faster start in the New Year than we are.

Get me outta here, Percy…

Editor’s Note: The Red Man is evidently not awake yet, either.  Thanks to our Sports Fans for correcting us  – the NCAA Championship Game is Oregon Ducks vs Ohio State Wolverines oh no, make that Buckeyes.  Been so long since OSU was in anything meaningful The Red Man can’t even remember their Mascot…and is trying to forget they beat Alabama.  Heh, heh.