Well Amigos  the Glamour Awards Season began at Casa de Canterbury with the 72nd. Annual Golden Globes Awards on Sunday night…and yes, yes I’m sure the season really began last week with The People’s Choice Awards but the old woman Slow and Pretty care more about what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association think than what The People do.  Sad, but true.

The bleacher seats at our casa show our typical support for Slow and Pretty’s enthusiasm for the movies.


Squirrel Chaser Spike on pins and needles

So we’re off and running on the Big Night with the Red Carpet interviews before the actual show.  We didn’t miss a thing…or two…


Jennifer Lopez was a presenter

JLow wasn’t even nominated for anything, but she made a swell presenter.


Piper from Orange is the New Black was nominated –

but she didn’t win – probably because no one recognized her in red


The Good Wife Julianna Margulies on the Red Carpet

(hm…she must have known she wasn’t going to win)


The British are coming, The British are coming

Mrs. Anna Bates on Downton Abbey won a GG


Olivia Pope a/k/a Kerry Washington…

happy to be in Hollywood away from Fritz and Jake


Prince presented music GG to Selma

But, of course the winner is…

he said when he opened the envelope


Selma Hayek also presented – and quite nicely


Kate Hudson was a presenter, too

Her mom Goldie Hawn used to present, too


George Clooney and his new wife were in the audience


It was a Big ‘Ol Audience, too


George Clooney won the Super Nice Guy Award


Ruth Wilson won Best Actress for The Affair

(Slow and Pretty think she won it for Luther)


Meryl Streep didn’t win a Globe,

but she is ALWAYS a winner to Pretty and Slow

Get me outta here, Percy…Meryl is a good note to end on…


Editor’s Note: The Red Man continued his tradition of Golden Globes coverage again in 2015 but he did so with a heart full of sorrow for his followers across the Pond in France who lost many of their countrymen and women last week.  This post is dedicated to the memories of those who died in senseless acts of contrived terror.  We stand with the millions who marched in Paris yesterday – we will not be terrified.