Sigh.  Well Amigos, the old woman Slow has gotten on my last nerve today with her incessant camera clicking, camera clicking, camera clicking and her gotcha, gotcha mumblings.


Spike was on guard duty…

while I licked something very important

Clickety, click click


Okay – we get it – you caught us dozing

Clickety, click, click


Snapped to attention, okay?

Clickety click, click

So we have to guard Casa de Canterbury against marauders and other evil  persons in uniforms driving small white trucks with US Postal Service on them or large brown trucks saying UPS – nothing good comes from men in uniforms getting out of trucks that have U’s on the side and walking to our front door carrying packages.  God knows what could be in them. U could be the secret signal for Unload the Plague here.

We must protect this  casa at all costs…although, it’s not like we have the crown jewels or anything really important inside.  It’s the principle of the thing, if you catch my drift.  We are the first line of defense and we must be ever vigilant and ever alert.  No time for licking.

Get me outta here Percy – I think I see Slow coming with the camera again.  Catch you later, Sports Fans.  Beware the Devils in Disguise.