Well Sports Fans, Big News from Down Under today – the Australian Open finished for the women with our own American Star Serena Williams winning her nineteenth career Grand Slam tournament and taking the lead over Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova who won’t ever catch her now since they’re way too old.  Serena made some major tennis history today.

My apologies for the poor coverage from The Red Man at this year’s Australian Open which is my personal favorite Grand Slam.  The Red Man LOVES Melbourne, but my photographer, the old woman Slow, went on strike after Nadal lost in the quarterfinals so pictures have been scarce this year from the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury.  These represent my best efforts to make amends.


 Maria Sharapova practiced quite a bit “be-forehand”


All smiley-smiley before the match


What’s at stake (plus $3.1 Million to the champion)


How do Australians dry a court that’s been rained on?

(With ball boys and girls who did a great job)


Serena won first set 6 to 3  – not too interesting


Second set much closer – The Red Man was mesmerized

Thanks to Spike for vacating best bleacher seat


Second  set went down to the wire in a tiebreak


Did I really win??


Serena owns Maria – 16 matches in a row


Okay, now I’m happy  


Martina can’t believe it’s happening – her record is gone


Serena thanked so many people I thought it was the Golden Globes.


Serena owns the Australian this year


I  played my best, but she played better.  That’s tennis.


She played her best, but I played better. That’s tennis.

And in the end, it was a super two weeks of women’s tennis so everyone was happy…except maybe…


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea who said, What’s in it for me?

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Serena and Maria and the other women who have entertained us royally from the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury in the first Grand Slam of 2015.  Serena, you totally rock the record books!!

Get me outta here Percy, I need to reserve my seat for the Men’s Final tomorrow morning…wishing all of our Sports Fans a great weekend!