Someone who visited my blog today took a walk through the archives and looked at this one from September, 2013. Texas sunsets in Montgomery are special – this one was spectacular – I hope the visitor enjoyed this as much as I am tonight.

Pretty's Antique Empire

I declare there’s nothing like a brisk walk at sunset on Old Plantersville Road – except maybe driving the Dodge Dakota pickup instead of walking.  Here are images of the end of September 11th. for me here in Texas late this evening, but the images of the horrific attack on our country twelve years ago today are as vivid in my mind  as these pictures.  Those memories are truly beyond the sunset.


I can hear the trains on these tracks from our house on Worsham Street

Day and night the whistles blow


Now the day is over


Let’s ride off into this sunset together


Cow birds returning home after a hard day’s work


Cows and horses winding down

042One last look

And then I drove to the Brookshire Brothers grocery store at the corner of Texas Highways 105 and 149 and took this shot from the parking lot.


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