There is a term in basketball that refers to getting a preferential position for rebounding in the paint that is called “boxing out.” The Red Man’s Amigos might ask, How do you have so much basketball knowledge, Red Man?

And the answer is The Daily Double which is how many games I watch every day since it’s the SEC women’s basketball tournament and I am compelled by the Fickle Finger of Fate to watch with the old woman Slow who is a johnny-come-lately to the Lady Gamecocks Basketball Party. That’s ok. She’s late to a lot of different events, but hey according to her newfound theory of time not really being linear but being on a continuum, she isn’t really late for anything ever. Nice. Convenient. Weird.

Dogs on floor watching basketball

The Three Amigos in the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, The Red Man, Squirrel Chaser Spike

Dogs on floor watching bb3

 Boxed Out – Canterbury Style

As you can see, Sports Fans, bleacher seats are at a premium for TV events at our casa, and Spike is not the brightest bulb in the Pack.  You move, you lose, big guy.

Get me outta here Percy…I have the finals and need to save a seat for Pretty for Sunday afternoon – Go Lady Cocks!