Well Amigos, disaster has struck Casa de Canterbury once again – it’s a universe gone mad, or at least it’s a U-Verse gone mad.

Whatever the thing is on the TV that records the shows for the old woman Slow and Pretty to watch later on when they aren’t playing Mexican Train or some other colossal waste of time has vamoosed…erased forever…we’re talking about The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Scandal, Castle, Bones…favorite episodes of Law and Order…the last football game the Gamecocks beat Clemson in 2013…going, going, gone.

And of course for Slow, the most horrifying loss is the Downton Abbey season finale which she has watched more times than she’s told Pretty. Β She’s watched so many times she no longer cries when Mr. Carson proposes to Mrs. Hughes.

I try to encourage Slow to step away from the TV and do more productive things like taking The Red Man for a walk, getting The Red Man a snack of his favorite cookies, going outside to sit in the nice spring air and sunshine with The Red Man but she is like the immovable object that meets the unstoppable force as her cousin Martin says or some variation thereof.

Whatever, she’s a slug who mysteriously sits at her computer for hours writing God knows what, her “real writing” she tells me all the time. So let’s see it. Produce the manuscript. Has she published a book since 2012? I think not.

Thank you very much. I rest my case.

At any rate, Sports Fans, The Red Man is somewhat relieved that he won’t be hearing Lady Mary singing Silent Night every afternoon.

Get me outta here Percy…The Red Man is headed to the doggie door…