Well Amigos, The Red Man is trying to rally and bounce back from the flurry of activities during the month of April in the hope that May will be a little less nerve-wracking. I’ve got nerves that jingle, jangle, jingle…as the old cowboy Gene Autry sang about in the last days of Pompeii…OMG, I think he was singing about spurs and not nerves that jingle, jangle, jingle and he wasn’t singing about the last days of Pompeii, was he? I think not – my brain is scrambled – now I’m doing time travel with Gene Autry to Italy. Sigh. I fear the worst.

The old woman Slow is sick with a bad cold and fever like Pretty had during the Wedding festivities, but of course Pretty being the trooper she is went right ahead with her fun and never let it keep her from enjoying the Big Event. Slow, on the other hand, has taken to her bed with the vapors and her Zicam and is more worthless than usual. The Red Man is saddled with an editor who is a troll.

From Tampa and the Final Four to Slow’s birthday celebration to Bishopville and the Wedding, those two old lesbians kept it in the road and on the go last month. Oh, and to start May off with a bang, they had a gigantic Garage Sale this past Saturday. Their Garage Sales are infamous – people come from far and wide – well maybe not far and wide…more like around the corner. Regardless, there was a mad influx of bargain-hunters in our driveway and The Red Man and his running buddies Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Squirrel Chaser Spike were confined to quarters. As if we even cared about whether the flower pots or Mason jars sold.

So Sports Fans, The Red Man plans to keep a low profile while Slow recovers. I hope she’s down for a few more days. I think I overheard her talking on the phone to the 4 Paws Clinic to cancel an appointment for moi this a.m. with Hottie Doc Two,. Holy Moly, not another vet visit. May the Force be with me.

Get me outta here, Percy…I think a cookie treat will help settle my nerves and I know where the jar is…