Well Amigos, The Red Man was shocked when the delivery came for the old woman Slow this afternoon to Casa de Canterbury from two of our faithful followers: JB and Ed.


As you can see, this very beautiful arrangement has now found a place of honor in Slow’s office next to her Saloon Girl, which is her favorite piece (heh, heh). Get Well?? Β There is some question as to whether Slow has ever REALLY been well, but we can always hope.

Slow has been confined to quarters for the past two weeks but is getting around better after a cortisone shot in her knee and more magic pills. Today she went to Rush’s to get a chocolate shake so apparently she will live to fight another day. The old woman keeps on rolling, and the flowers definitely improved her disposition which has been sketchy at best lately.


Give the Elgin Florists two thumbs up for the little doggie face on the carnations – now that’s some creativity The Red Man finds inspiring. Thanks so very much to our Amigos for trying to spread a little cheer to Slow. She seems extremely grateful.


Spike, on the other hand, not too interested.

Get me outta here Percy, I think it’s time to pop some pills…catch ya later, Sports Fans – hope your weekend is a super one – if you’d like to visit with Slow and Pretty in person, come to the Art Show Benefit tomorrow afternoon. They’re serving wine and little goodies, too.